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Success in Toulouse and Blagnac with Touchstone from Cambridge

Touchstone est la méthode d’apprentissage de l’anglais de Cambridge utilisée en exclusivité par Universal Languages sur Toulouse, Blagnac et sa région.


Touchstone is an innovative four-level series for adults and young adults, taking students from beginning to intermediate levels of English (CEFR: A1–B1). Based on research into the Cambridge English Corpus.

LAST STOP – Londres derrière la vitre

Le Château d’Eau présente la dernière série de George Georgiou « Last stop », du 14 janvier au 8 mars 2015, exposée pour la première fois en France à l’occasion de la sortie début janvier de son livre éponyme « Last stop » .

Please watch the attached video and practice listening to English with a good « Londonish » artist!

Oh the shame of being married to a MAMIL

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Credit photo: Martin Spaven

Standing in the sunshine, chatting with my friends in the park on a lovely Saturday morning, I could not have been more content.

Then I caught a glimpse of garish pink and DayGlo yellow. In an instant, my mood was shattered as a voice gasped: ‘Dear God, Jennie. Is that your husband?’

And there he was, walking towards us in an outfit even Daniel Craig would struggle to pull off. In fact waddling would be a more apt description, as his cycling shoes made walking all but impossible.

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