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LAST STOP – Londres derrière la vitre

Le Château d’Eau présente la dernière série de George Georgiou « Last stop », du 14 janvier au 8 mars 2015, exposée pour la première fois en France à l’occasion de la sortie début janvier de son livre éponyme « Last stop » .

Please watch the attached video and practice listening to English with a good « Londonish » artist!

Oh the shame of being married to a MAMIL

Credit photo: Martin Spaven

Standing in the sunshine, chatting with my friends in the park on a lovely Saturday morning, I could not have been more content.

Then I caught a glimpse of garish pink and DayGlo yellow. In an instant, my mood was shattered as a voice gasped: ‘Dear God, Jennie. Is that your husband?’

And there he was, walking towards us in an outfit even Daniel Craig would struggle to pull off. In fact waddling would be a more apt description, as his cycling shoes made walking all but impossible.

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